Frequently Asked Questions

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How Do I Pay For My Online Order?

Once we receive your order, our team will begin shopping for you.  We will contact you with your final total and any substitutions.  We'll take your card information over the phone or you can pay for your shopping basket in the store.

Can I Get Your Store Discounts for Delivery Orders?

Absolutely!  We honor our discounts for delivery orders and may require proof of qualification upon delivery.

How Does Your Free Delivery Work?

No Bull Prime Meats now delivers your order straight to your home!  A minimum order amount is required, based on your delivery postal code.  To determine your minimum order amount, there is a Minimum Order Lookup tool on the shopping basket page and Minimum Order page 

What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?

For in-store purchases, we accept cash, Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, EBT, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay.

For delivery orders we accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express and EBT over the phone.

Do You Produce All Meats and Animal Products You Sell?

While No Bull Prime Meats is the primary producer of all the Beef, Buffalo, Pork, Lamb and Goat we sell, there are occasional supply demands that force us to supplement our inventory with meats produced by ranches.  All other meats and animal products, which are not raised by the owner/rancher, Brett Rizzi, come with the same standard quality as No Bull Prime Meats – all natural, prime, and ranch and/or farm raised – however, No Bull Prime meat is not responsible for any issues that may arise from consumption of these products.