Certified All-Natural

Prime Beef, Pork, Lamb, Goat and Chicken
Certified All-Natural

"We take pride in producing some of the best meats in New Mexico."

From the ranch where we raise our animals to the way we prepare our meats, at No Bull Prime Meats corners are never cut and quality can be seen throughout.

All animals, feed and processing are Certified All-Natural. No antibiotics and strict guidelines lead to healthier, cleaner and tastier meats.

All our meats are Prime and produced in the great state of New Mexico.

Our Prime meats are great for gourmet cooking, BBQ competitions, backyard grilling and everyday healthy eating.

FREE Samples every Saturday

Swing by our store, located at 1208 Griegos Rd NW 87107, and browse our selection of Prime meats, locally sourced products and Italian specialty items. We're open Monday through Saturday from 8:00am to 6:00pm.

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What is Prime Meat?

Meats are graded based on marbling. These grades range from Prime, being the highest, to canner, being the lowest. Your average grocery store sells Select or Choice grade meats. At No Bull Prime Meats we only produce meats rated the highest Prime grade.

What is Certified All-Natural?

Certified All-Natural

No antibiotics, no artificial flavors, no artificial colors and no synthetic additives found in any of our products. Our meats, our animal feed and all meat processing is clean...the way it should be.

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No Bull Prime Meats Photo

This emu is so good! Only 4% fat, very lean!

Brett is making emu filet! Stop by and give it a try while samples last!

No Bull Prime Meats Photo
No Bull Prime Meats Photo

The weather is starting to cool down and we are in the mood for stew! Have you ever made it with goat? Here's a great curried goat stew recipe! https://www.africanbites.com/curried-goat-stew/

No Bull Prime Meats Photo

Have you seen the selection of vinegars we have?! Banyuls Wine Vinegar is made from the naturally sweet wine of Banyuls, with a grape base of 50% Grenache Noir, 40% Grenache Gris, 10% Carignan. It has been barrel-aged for six years to develop nuanced flavor and an excellent balance of sweet and tart. All of our vinegars are $2 off through the end of the month. https://www.nobullprimemeats.com/products?filtered[keyword]=vinegar

No Bull Prime Meats Photo
No Bull Prime Meats Photo

Yum! Gonna be amazing!

Thank you, Carl LoStracco, for sharing! Those short ribs are going to be delicious!