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Misty Mountain Ranch

Misty Mountain Ranch is the headquarters of No Bull Prime Meats. Located in the scenic valley of McIntosh, New Mexico, Brett and Linda enjoy the fresh air, panoramic vistas and the serene quietude of their ranch. The wide open spaces and tranquil environment is a far cry from over-crowded, noisy surroundings that can stress a herd. Brett takes great pride in caring for and maintaining the cows, sheep, goats and hogs, the benefits of which are passed on to his valued customers.

Brett and Linda Rizzi

Brett Rizzi is the owner and operator of No Bull Prime Meats. Born and raised in Chicago, Brett and his wife Linda moved to New Mexico to pursue and grow various business opportunities and real estate investments. Pursuing his dream of becoming a rancher, Brett started No Bull Prime Meats. He and Linda now call Misty Mountain Ranch their home