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Straight from the Rancher's Mouth

No Bull is dedicated to all of our customers to give the best customer service, respect, and by far the most delicious and healthiest meat possible. "AND THAT'S NO BULL"

Brett Rizzi, Owner/Rancher

Starts with the Calves

Our Prime Hereford Beef starts with the calves. Each calf is closely cared for by our team as well as their mothers.

Help from the Cows

Our Hereford cows are kept in top condition, fed only quality Wheat Hay and Grain and given their own pasture to raise their calves on.

Keeping our mommas happy helps ensure the quality of the beef that they and we deliver.

Private Feed Yard

Our private feed yard allows us to keep a close eye on the beef we produce. First, we bring in our steers and give them a chance to bulk up in the first section of the feed yard. At this time, the cattle are primarily fed Wheat Hay and Grain and we start them on grain feed in our yard at 4 months.

Next, the cattle are moved to the second section of the feed yard, where they'll enter final preparation. This process takes months and the cattle are fed a mixture of Wheat Hay and Grain and our own custom feed blend.