February 2024

February 2024 A Poem

The Ground Hog predicts that Spring is coming quick
Come see our steaks, juicy and thick

Superbowl LVIII,
San Francisco 49ers vs. Kansas City Chiefs
Shop at NO BULL for your treats and Meats!

For a romantic Valentine’s Day
Give the restaurants a break;
Come see us, serve a Prime steak!

Our Master Butcher is a cut above
Nathan is great at trimming the meats that you love

He has an assistant, his name is Matt
ey work at the facility, that’s where they’re at

Another new face that you’ll see at the Store
Her name is Kacie, she’ll greet you at the door.

All of our staff is provided with continuous training
Their friendliness and capacity is never straining

Composed by Linda J. Rizzi
NO BULL Poet Laureate

Posted on Feb 06, 2024.