April Celebrations at NO BULL

April Celebrations at NO BULL A Poem

In April, the baby bird hatches
At NO BULL, we celebrate birthdays in batches!

Early this April, we’re celebrating two cute chicks and Brett
And we haven’t even got to Easter yet

Our first cute chick is Molly
She’s a great worker, and friendly…good golly!

She goes to UNM and studies European Literature
She loves cats, and is sweet and very mature

Our next cute chick is Mayson, she’s a hard worker too
She loves Jeeps and trucks
And girlie-girlie things to do.

Among Brett’s birthday gifts is cultivating
NO BULL’s great crew
Along with Janelle, Becky, Jade and Dominic…
It’s wonderful how great they all do!

Our birthday blessings include our customers, it’s true
We’re growing and expanding, because of all of you.

Composed with Love
Linda J. Rizzi
Senior NO BULL Senior Poet Laureate
April, 2023

Posted on Apr 08, 2023.