Celebrating the 4th of July 2021

Celebrating the 4th of July 2021 A Poem

On the 4th of July we remember the birth of our nation
We reflect on the beauty of this awesome creation
There are so many ways to enjoy the celebration

We honor our Veterans as they march in the parade
We thank them for all the sacrifices they made

Picnics with family and friends… fire up the grill!
Fireworks at night, are such a thrill!

This year is already half done
So, now it’s time to have some fun…

Take a dip at a pool or at the beach
One or the other is sure to be in reach

Lawn games, and organized sports
Or a refreshing boat ride from one of our ports

With our National Parks, you’ll find people hiking
Bike paths and roads provide for enthusiastic biking

We are united as we display our red, white and blue
We honor our shared traditions as special and true
This poet and the NO BULL team appreciate each one of you
For all the Great American things that you do!

Composed with Patriotic Appreciation and Pride
Linda J. Rizzi
Compassus Poet Laureate

Posted on Jul 04, 2021.