October 2020

October 2020 A Poem

October can be a scary time of year
Especially without our Balloon Fiesta here

All the balloons will have to stay down
Our first two weekends will seem like a ghost town

There’s plenty of monsters, campaigns and political debates
These are ominous times in our United States

How do we even Halloween?
When there’s a pandemic on the scene!!

Think positive, we’re entering the final quarter of this crazy year
Have some fun, eat lots of candy, stay in and have a beer

Celebrate this Autumn, do it in your own way
Choose to be happy, look forward to a better day
Things will get better again, hopefully by May…

So, treat this month as a treat, it’s not a trick
How we get through these times…is our own pick


Composed with friendship and best wishes
Linda J. Rizzi
Compassus Poet Laureate

Posted on Oct 05, 2020.