September, 2022 at NO BULL

September, 2022 at NO BULL The Poem

September, 2022
Autumn is on the way
And the Balloon Fiesta, too!

At NO BULL we’re all busy, the store is full
We invite you to visit us, and that’s NO BULL!

We’re not boasting
But we are the best at Chile roasting

It’s the height of Chile season
Come by when we are roasting, that’s a good reason

Or if your time or schedule lags
We can offer you fresh-frozen Chile in different size bags

We are looking forward to the upcoming Holidays
As prepared menu guides
Come by and check out all of our dinner sides

Come to the store (or our website) and view all of our
Products and Treats:
Exotics, specialty items, and especially our
Locally Ranch-raised prime meats!

Composed with sincere best wishes for a Happy Autumn
Linda J. Rizzi
Senior Poet Laureate NO BULL PRIME MEATS

Posted on Sep 15, 2022.